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Fire alarms & suppression system has a minimum of two fire detection zones. The fire suppression control panel uses whats as a ‘Co-Incidence” monitoring facility. This allows the fire suppression system to monitor all detectors connected to these zones.
The fire suppression gas will only be discharged if there is a coincidence of activation from a minimum of two fire detection zones.

Smoke Detection for fire suppression systems
Smoke Detection is commonly used for fire suppression systems. In most cases fire suppression system require fast and accurate detection of incipient stages of a developing fire. Various types of smoke detection technology can be used with fire suppression systems. Using the correct fire detection equipment can save un-quantifiable damage from fire or false discharges. At Fire Suppression Limited, we believe that VESDA smoke detection is the way forward to accommodate the fast changing data centres with new cooling technology.

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More information regards hot aisle fire suppression systems.

Fire Suppression system warning alarms
A combination of bells and electronic sounders are connected to the fire suppression control panel. When the fire suppression system detects smoke, it raises the 1st stage alarm. This alarm is considered as a general evacuation alarm. If a further activation is detected via one of the other detectors on the system, the system will raise the alarms of the Sounders. The sounders are the final warning before the fire suppression agent is discharged, this is normally 30 seconds from the this activation.A fire suppression system must have two clear and distinguishable alarm types.

How does a fire suppression system work?
An effective fire suppression systems work fundamentally in three ways;
The corner stone has to be an efficient means of early warning/detection such as VESDA air sampling. Followed by either an Oxygen reduction system (achieved by the use of an Inert gas fire suppression system such as INERGEN, IG55 or IG541), or alternatively heat absorption (achieved by the use of a synthetic agent system such as FM200 or Novec1230).

Where can it be used?
Fire Suppression Limited systems are intelligent in design and have been installed to protect environments ranging from simple storage units to multi million pound data, computer, telecommunication and archive centres. Whether choosing an inert  fire suppression gas or synthetic fire suppression agent, our systems operate efficiently to protect life and property whilst minimizing any risk of damage to the room or equipment.

Which fire suppression agent to use?
This depends upon the nature of the risk to be protected (E.G. Computer Server rooms, paper archives etc), the location of the
risk,etc, the space available for the storage of fire suppression cylinders, as well as consideration of environmental and of course the financial cost. All of which Fire Suppression Limited can assist you with to ensure maximum, efficient, green fire protection.

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About Fire Suppression Agents/Extinguishants
Fire suppression system use one of four mediums, these are divided into different categories and each have their own unique fire fighting capabilities

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